About Us

Nexage is the leading mobile advertising exchange, creating a highly efficient and liquid market for buyers and sellers alike. The Nexage Exchange creates mutual value: it enables publishers and developers to accelerate their revenue growth; it enables DSPs, ad networks, and real-time buyers to target and buy the audience they need when they need it to deliver successful campaigns.

The Nexage Exchange:

  • Provides superior efficiency and liquidity, fueled by over 300 publishers and 200 demand sources to accelerate our customers’ mobile advertising businesses
  • Delivers the most advanced and complete technology in the industry--that technology advantage translates to strong and positive results for our customers' businesses
  • Provides a powerful set of revenue levers and business controls, enabling publishers and developers to accelerate their business while conforming to their businesses' needs
  • Provides high-value targetable audience, enabling ad buyers to target and buy audience that drives campaign success

Demand more from mobile advertising.
Achieve more with Nexage.