Nexage Connect

Nexage Connect is an ecosystem of partner-provided advertising solutions—such as third-party data, brand safety, contextual analysis and profiling, privacy preference management solutions and more—available through the Nexage Exchange.

Nexage Connect creates a single point of integration—leveraging an extensible, scalable API environment within the Nexage Exchange—to these advertising solutions. Buyers and publishers on the Nexage Exchange can easily select and activate partners and solutions that enhance and augment their businesses.

Nexage Connect includes three capabilities:

  1. A growing ecosystem of advanced advertising solutions
  2. A scalable API environment within the Nexage Exchange
  3. A delivery model that enables publishers and buyers to select and activate different solutions

Nexage Connect both accelerates and simplifies the mobile advertising market by making a rich and growing set of ad solutions available to buyers and sellers on the Nexage Exchange:

  • Brands and buyers are able to gain enhanced targeting capabilities
  • Publishers are able to add business controls to better grow and manage their business

Nexage Connect integrates a wide range of solutions including:



The Media Trust



If you're interested in joining our ecosystem, please email If you're a publisher or buyer on the Nexage Exchange, please call or email your account manager with any questions.