Nexage Private Exchange

The Nexage Private Exchange provides an exclusive exchange for premium publishers and developers to sell to select buyers using publisher-defined business rules. Publishers gain the full benefit of a highly efficient and liquid exchange with rules that mimic their direct business.

Our Nexage Private Exchange enables publishers to set rules, such as price floors and brand guidelines, that are geared to a more valuable, select market where buyers have the benefit of a first-look at premium inventory.

Nexage also provides a unique level of flexibility where we roll-over impressions that do not sell on the Nexage Private Exchange to our public Nexage Exchange; first to RTB, and then to Mediation. The combined value of Nexage Private Exchange with the embedded flexibility enables premium publishes and developers to maximize both CPM and fill rate performance.

Nexage Private Exchange

Publishers and developers:

  • Enhance the value of your inventory while selling in a fully brand safe environment
  • Avoid channel conflict; in fact, you can establish an integrated and productive channel strategy that uses the Nexage Exchange as a strategic complement to your direct sales force and brand sponsorships
  • Take full advantage of the efficiency and liquidity of the public Nexage Exchange

Buyers, advertisers and agencies:

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