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You’ll leverage the power of the largest and most efficient buyer marketplace in mobile to reduce the cost and complexity of a highly customized mobile ad business while maximizing demand for your inventory. 

Sophisticated business controls – including dynamic price floors and brand safety tools combined with real-time reporting and expert account management allow you to tailor a mobile ad business that will increase revenue and enabled you to run your business how you want.

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Case Study

Moguldom Media Group Moguldom Media Group

Moguldom Media Group identified the mobile space as a huge growth opportunity and engaged multiple ad networks to monetize their mobile websites. But managing several ad networks proved difficult, leading to operational inefficiencies and a lack of visibility into their entire mobile advertising business.


With a recommendation from one of their partners, Moguldom evaluated Nexage, and ultimately implemented the Nexage Exchange, comprised of both an RTB exchange and mediation, to maximize its revenue, enhance inventory management, and increase insight into their mobile advertising business. A comprehensive distribution solution, the Nexage Exchange takes advantage of the increased volumes of campaigns from real-time bidding (RTB) enabled buyers while optimizing eCPM and revenue across non-RTB enabled ad sources.

Moguldom now has complete control over its mobile advertising business, tracking performance through a powerful yet easy-to-use reporting dashboard that features in-depth reports on revenue, eCPM, fill rate and click rate.