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Jul 22, 2014

MediaPost - Nexage, Matomy, Others Partner With AppAudience For Mobile Data

AppAudience, a standalone mobile data management platform (DMP) from Human Demand, on Tuesday announced its launch partners. The news comes a little more than a month after Human Demand announced it would decouple the mobile audience data from AppAudience and offer it to the industry at large.

Nexage Connect, Inneractive, AerServ, Motrixi Media Group and Matomy via AppNexus are the first partners to use AppAudience’s mobile audience data layer.

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Jul 15, 2014

Digital Marketing Magazine - Mobile Advertising Prerequisites: Brand safety & high-impact creative

An advertiser’s brand is a strategic asset - and that is true now more than ever as consumers become increasingly brand-aware. In fact, consumers are spending more time and money cultivating their own individual “brand,” which is often shaped by what brands they wear, use, and associate with. It is fair to say that brand image is its own language. For companies, brand strength is a fundamental pre-requisite to gaining the consumers’ attention in a crowded, busy world.

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Jul 8, 2014

MediaPost - Industry Reacts To Facebook’s LiveRail Buy

Victor Milligan, chief marketing officer at Nexage, says the acquisition is significant for mobile advertisers, given Facebook’s mobile-first strategy. 

“The acquisition affirms what we know in mobile advertising -- that video, and rich media for that matter, are core to brands embracing mobile.” Nexage recently reported that video was the fastest-growing vertical in terms of inventory growth on mobile; 516% more mobile video ads were available for programmatic buying in Q1 2014 compared to Q1 2013.

“Without doubt, they will soon represent the majority creative,” Milligan added.

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Jul 7, 2014

Digital Marketing Magazine - The Practical Programmatic

Welcome to the mobile programmatic world. In short order, mobile has become consumers’ primary screen and will soon be the second largest advertising spend behind only TV. In parallel, programmatic has quickly become the foundation of digital and mobile advertising and will soon support 80% of spend.

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Jul 2, 2014

The Drum - Another coup for Facebook: Live Rail acquisition puts it near top of the video ad heap

Victor Milligan, CMO, Nexage, the largest independent mobile advertising exchange, commmented , "The acquisition affirms what we know in mobile advertising – that video, and rich media for that matter – are core to brands embracing mobile.

"Right now, we are seeing 516% annual video growth on our exchange - and that growth rate is picking up pace. Without doubt, they will soon represent the majority creative.” 

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Jun 30, 2014

Digital Marketing Magazine - At the Intersection of Mobile Advertising & Programmatic Technology

Digital advertising is fundamentally changing before our very eyes. Consumers’ large-scale shift to mobile and broad technology adoption in virtually every part of our lives has forever altered how publishers, media buyers, agencies and advertisers think, plan and execute strategies in digital advertising. Separately these two dynamics are compelling. But it’s when mobile and technology—specifically programmatic technology—intersect, where things start to get really interesting.

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Jun 23, 2014

MobileMarketing - Nexage’s Presentation from Making Sense of Programmatic Buying Event

If you didn’t make it to our Making Sense of Programmatic Buying event in London on 11 June, here’s another chance to enjoy the presentation given by Nexage’s Todd Tran.

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Jun 19, 2014

WARC - Mobile ads move towards rich media

High-value ad formats are taking an increasing share of the mobile advertising market, as their greater effectiveness reduces interest in static banner ads, research has shown.

According to Nexage, the mobile advertising exchange, interstitial, rich media, and video ad formats currently account for 35% of its total inventory but are set to take at least half by next year.

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Jun 17, 2014

AdAge - How GroupM’s Exit From Open Ad Exchanges Shifts the Power in Ad Tech

Mobile exchange Nexage said it is seeing a significant increase in business conducted through private exchanges. "30% of buying is through private exchanges," said Victor Milligan, CMO at Nexage.

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Jun 17, 2014

MobileMarketer - Successful mobile creative shares focus on unification, utility and immediacy

Marketers are clearly bringing more creative talent to bear against mobile advertising to craft more user-centric experiences, but whether or not programmatic buying enhances or detracts from such campaigns has not been answered yet.

Some marketers are reaching a level of comfort with the technical side of mobile advertising that is enabling them to a greater focus on their creative strategies. A new Interactive Creative Framework from the Mobile Marketing Association, which is based on an analysis of 450 mobile campaigns, uncovered five key commonalities in the mobile creative approaches of leading brands, including that mobile acts as a unifier that brings brand experiences together.

“Mobile creative has lagged the rapid shift to mobile advertising,” said Victor Milligan, chief marketing officer at Nexage. “Left untended, it would create a pot-hole that stymies accelerating brand spend and the market in general.

“But it is now in focus,” he said. “The mobile creative—from rich media to video and native—is now a strategic investment for publishers and media buyers, and that investment is paying off early and often."

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Jun 16, 2014

MobileMarketing - Video Ads Grow by 400 per cent as Advertisers Seek Richer Formats

Creative formats like interstitials, rich media and video ads are growing at an astounding rate as advertisers seek better ways to connect with consumers, new figures from Nexage show. In between Q1 of 2013 and Q1 of 2014, delivery of video ads grew by 404 per cent, while rich media increased by 216 per cent, and interstitials by 178 per cent.

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Jun 16, 2014

GoMo News - Nexage finds ad formats growing by 516%

A bit of data mining has revealed that interstitial, rich media, and video ad formats are growing between 194 per cent and 516 per cent on Nexage‘s own Exchange. Right now, these formats represent 35 per cent ofNexage‘s total inventory. At the current pace, these formats will represent more than 50 per cent by next year [2015]. The ability to support virtually any ad format ( including native) means that advancements in the creative format can benefit from the power of programmatic trading, Nexage claims.

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Jun 13, 2014

MediaPost - RTB Spend In EU Up 15% QoQ, Mobile Up 433% YoY

This is in line with a recent report from Nexage, which says that Rich Media, interstitials and video ad units will account for over 50% of all mobile ad inventory available for programmatic buying by next year.

When bought via programmatic, the report says CPMs for Rich Media units are 103% higher than standard banners. Similarly, Adform notes that the click-through rate for Rich Media units are 110% higher than standard banners.


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Jun 12, 2014

MediaPost - Rich Media, Interstitials, Video Account For 35% Of Mobile RTB Ads

Mobile ad exchange Nexage on Thursday revealed that 35% of the inventory available for real-time bidding (RTB) on its exchange is either interstitials, rich media or video ad formats. These three formats will represent over 50% of all mobile inventory by next year if current growth rates hold.

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Jun 5, 2014

Mobile Entertainment - The Big ME Interview: Todd Tran, Nexage

Nexage's Europe boss explains why programmatic will eliminate traditional media buying inside a decade.

If you watch the last scene of Trading Places, Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy descend into the New York Mercantile Exchange armed with insider information and a determination to use it for vast personal gain. For the next few minutes, they buy and sell stock to hundreds of other men by screaming and shouting.

It’s 30 years since stocks were traded this way.

Now, everything is automated. Trades take place between electronic platforms making millions of decisions in fractions of a second at the speed of light.

In the world of advertising – another world in which multiple buyers and sellers negotiate millions of trades – they’re still screaming and shouting.

Well, until pretty recently.

In the last two years, advertising has come around to the benefits of programmatic buying and selling.

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Jun 2, 2014

ExchangeWire - TraderTalk with Nexage

Last year almost £1bn was spent on mobile advertising in the UK alone. Of which £500m was spent and search, and £500m on display. The £500m display spend is estimated to have been split into £450m for in-app advertising and £50m for mobile web.

In-app advertising remains the dominant eco-system of mobile display. Why is this? Plus why are companies like, and other big app advertisers piling billions into in-app advertising? Why indeed did Facebook start Facebook Audience Network (FAN) to roll out an off-site in-app advertising ad network? And why did Twitter payout the guts if £400m for MoPub?

The problem with mobile web inventory is finding retail space among all that content on mobile devices (not tablets, which are effectively extensions of the desktop), and more importantly the lack of a universal cookie for tracking and targeting. Does this mean the device ID is the new cookie? And the in-app ad space is growing at pace.

Here Todd Tran explains the in-app advertising eco-system in detail. Tran explains the key reason why so much buy-side spend is going to it, and the key players on both the buy and sell side. We also take a look at the new breed of publisher dominating this eco-system, plus as the question can traditional publishers make in-roads into this spend? We examine the opportunities in this week’s TraderTalk.

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May 22, 2014

ExchangeWire - The Guardian Preps Mobile App Relaunch, Brings Programmatic To Its Core

Henderson went on to add: “But mobile presents a real opportunity to us in terms of inventory, we just have to figure out how we can monetise that.”

Fellow panelist Todd Tran, Nexage, managing director, EMEA, said the reason why legacy publishers – or “multi-screen publishers” as he calls them – are generating much less in revenue, compared to app developers, such as Angry Birds publisher Rovio, is that they have much less data on their mobile audiences.

Legacy publishers are largely split over desktop, mobile web, and elsewhere, hence it is harder to build up a single customer view, but he does believe that multi-screen publishers will eventually catch up, interns of their sophistication.

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May 14, 2014

The Makegood - Mobile is a Creative Battlefield

But the industry has come a long way very fast: as I’ve explained elsewhere, video has the potential to be the champion of mobile revenue, particularly with the introduction of panel-based metrics that can connect measurements across screens. Publishers have long been building custom, high-performing units for mobile advertisers and technology providers have employed their HTML5 prowess to create and programmatically serve bold rich media units.

Yes, programmatically – Nexage CMO Victor Milligan told me the other day that 30%-35% of the inventory flowing through the company’s mobile exchange is rich media- or video-enabled, and the next year he expect that to go over 50%.

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Apr 30, 2014

The Drum - Reaction to Facebook Audience Network launch

At its surface, the Facebook Audience Network appears to be a play to leverage Facebook data through an ad network model, however, the best way deliver on the value of data is at the impression level through programmatic media buying versus an ad network model.

But the more transformative dynamic in advertising is the reallocation of budgets to mobile and the use of programmatic buying to drive that spend. This makes sense as it follows the consumer’s shift to mobile and leverages proven trading models in other markets. It has special meaning in advertising as programmatic enables agencies to decision publisher , 3rd party, and their own data at the impression level. And that data – delivered by a vibrant open and independent market – is becoming more rich and diverse as more and more data providers enter mobile and learn to operate without a cookie. The combination of programmatic and data gives agencies powerful tools to win in a market where mobile has become the primary screen.


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Apr 30, 2014

USA Today - Facebook’s developer conference is all about apps

As millions of consumers shop and communicate from their smartphones and tablets, major brands are plowing money into mobile ads. "This is the second and larger shift in advertising spend — the first being the shift to online advertising," says Ernie Cormier, CEO of Nexage, a leading premium mobile-advertising exchange. "Brands will increasingly use high-volume trading technology, called programmatic, to spend."

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Case Study

ÜberTwitter ÜberTwitter

ÜberTwitter had dedicated its resources to product and technical development, but, even with limited marketing outreach, had achieved enviable levels of popularity. However, so much success for a company with limited resources meant that they needed a scalable, operationally efficient solution to monetize their huge volume of app traffic.



ÜberTwitter engaged Nexage to source ad inventory from their 150+ global ad sources for their increasingly popular and trafficked applications.