Nexage Analytics Reports

The Nexage Analytics Report is a quarterly report that provides in-depth analysis of the dynamics, trends, and patterns shaping mobile advertising. Our goal is to go beyond the headlines and provide visibility and insights that help you understand this dynamic market—and give you a sense of where we are going as an industry.

Case Study

Pinger Pinger

Pinger lets you to text and talk free from your iOS, Android, and Windows device. Pinger’s communication apps are some of the most frequently launched apps in the world. Needless to say, Pinger has a massive mobile audience to monetize.

To move their mobile advertising business forward, Pinger identified three areas of focus: 1) increase mobile ad revenue by monetizing more of their 3B+ monthly impressions; 2) simplify and reduce the cost of their mobile ad operations; and 3) gain better visibility to their mobile ad business through reporting.


Pinger took advantage of Nexage’s market-leading mobile ad tech stack, powered by the Nexage Exchange, which gives Pinger access to more than 200 demand sources, including ad networks, DSPs, and agency trading desks through a single point of integration.

  • Pinger enriches their CPM and revenue performance by integrating data segments through Nexage Connect.
  • Nexage delivers rich media and interstitial ad units to enhance consumer experience and drive CPM and revenue gains.
  • Pinger benefits from Nexage’s rich, real-time reporting, which provides continuous and detailed visibility to business results.  

In addition, Pinger obtains an experienced publisher services manager who provides high-touch account management, proactive account planning and ongoing support. 

“Nexage is a strong and consistent partner across the board from RTB revenue to CPMs, demand volume, and customer service,” says Michelle Marko, senior manager, partners at Pinger. “Aside from exceeding revenue goals, one of my major challenges is access to detailed reporting data. The flexibility and granularity of Nexage’s reporting system is critical to our success. It is not a black box when it comes to accessing and analyzing data from Nexage.”